Friday, 8 May 2015


There will be much celebrating in London’s exclusive gentlemen’s clubs today!

And workers will feel downcast.

Despite 5 years of a strongly anti-working class government (and anti-middle class too, if truth be told), New Labour has utterly failed to rally working class votes to defeat the smug Tories.

Those votes Labour did get were in the forlorn hope that they would help keep the Tories out.

But hope is not a strategy!

The two parties most associated with betrayal - the LibDems and New Labour - were punished.

In Scotland Labour is finished - their open alliance with the Tories during the independence vote was the last straw for the vast majority of workers and young people.

Many people asked themselves - why vote for a party that generally speaking has adopted Tories’  policies? - even some of UKIPs! - I may as well vote for the real thing! 

And UKIP has made gains in Labour strongholds.

That UKIP obtained nearly 4 million votes is a blistering condemnation of the Labour leadership and those right-wing leaders of the trade unions who failed to counter head on the arguments of UKIP that it somehow represents the interests of workers!

Instead of fighting on a clear anti-austerity platform with policies aimed at benefiting working people, they said they would stick to Tory cuts in services!

Labour produced a campaign mug with “Immigration Controls” on it! 

They should hang their heads in shame.

It is surely time now for all those who want to fight openly, as we do, for the interests of working people to join together with TUSC and others to build a fighting party of labour.

Our voice isn’t yet loud enough.

Help us raise it! 

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