Thursday, 24 July 2014

DEMO for ending the War in Israel/ Palestine this Saturday

This Saturday we were going to leaflet Sutton High Street with our banner and a petition, but the ongoing crisis in Israel and Palestine means that it is more important for us to join the continuing demonstration in London this Saturday (26th).

It starts this time at the Israeli Embassy (2 Palace Green, London W8 4QB) at 1030 am.

The only force in the world capable of ending this slaughter, and the ongoing crisis, is that of the united, non sectarian Palestinian and Israeli workers and youth! Let us hope they can find the means to build a common cause for ending the war and changing society. The ordinary people of the region are the ones with the greatest interest in peace!

Below is an extract from a very good article by Owen Jones in the Guardian about about the massive scale of UK arms sales to some of the most foul, anti-working class regimes in the world, including the Israeli state, the medieval monarchy of Saudi Arabia, and many others. The full article is here.

“If you have even a shaky belief in British foreign policy as a force for democracy, even a cursory glance at the list of destinations for British arms should swiftly lead you to part with your illusions. Israel has now killed close to 600 [it is now over 700] people in Gaza, including 149 children; its land-grabbing settlements place it in violation of international law. Other countries might be deemed pariah states for such actions, but not Israel, which Britain has supplied with parts for sniper rifles, military aircraft, unmanned drones and small arms”.

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