Thursday, 12 June 2014

New Sutton and Croydon TUSC Branch!

We had a very successful “inaugural” TUSC meeting last night (11th June)!  We agreed to set up a permanent Sutton and Croydon TUSC branch!  

After a thorough discussion about our first, and very positive electoral challenge in May, and about the lessons learned, everyone enthusiastically endorsed the idea of setting up a branch. We felt this was a vital step if we are to offer a strong, and local, socialist alternative - not just in elections (crucial though they are) but also in the industrial and community struggles that occur in the boroughs.

If you want to fight back against austerity, racism, poor housing, poverty wages, unemployment and cuts in local services and the NHS - JOIN US!

Our new email address and our mobile number is below, at the bottom of this post.

We agreed to purchase a Sutton and Croydon TUSC banner. And to kick off our post-election street activity, our first street stall (hopefully with banner!) will be on Croydon High Street at lunchtime on FRIDAY, 4th JULY. Watch this space for further details.

We also agreed to start a campaign to pressure councillors to deliver REAL improvements for the people of Croydon and Sutton. Needless to say, we have very low  expectations! The LibDems in Sutton, and so-called “Labour” in Croydon hardly measure up! But they shouldn’t be allowed to have a quiet life on comfortable councillor expenses! 

Instead, the purpose of the campaign is to expose their hypocrisy and double-talk, and to highlight to local people that there is a working class, fighting alternative. 

To begin with, as individuals, we will write to each councillor in each of our wards. We will be asking them to say, explicitly, that they will support particular policies and proposals - of the kind that TUSC councillors will themselves be putting forward in due course.

For example, 
- will you, councillor, support an immediate RENT FREEZE for three years, in all flats and houses under the council’s control - including housing associations and similar?
- will you put forward a motion to implement, and enforce, A DECENT MINIMUM WAGE (say £10 an hour) for all council employees and sub-contractors?
- will you support an immediate HALT TO ALL ALL CUTS in jobs and services in the borough?
- will you propose in council that the borough’s very healthy reserves are used to kick-off a SUBSTANTIAL BUILDING PROGRAMME for truly affordable houses and flats? 
(These reserves are around £260 million in Sutton! and around £400 million in Croydon!)

If you are reading this, why don’t you also write to your local councillors along these lines? If you'd like a sample letter, or if you’re not sure who your local councillors are, contact us (see below) and we’ll send you some material.

We are also considering a monster petition along these lines.

Our next BRANCH meeting will be on 9th July. 

Our email address is -
Our mobile number is - 07732 638 728

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