Thursday, 5 June 2014

How to defeat the right!

In this article, Seumas Milne almost argues the case for TUSC, but without mentioning us! Every soft left commentator is now saying that unless Labour adopts socialist policies, the far right will benefit.

He makes some very good points about UKIP - and the fact that the far right have NOT done well everywhere.

This is what he concludes, "only by putting the case front and centre for a complete break with the policies that got us here – through public investment, a crash housebuilding programme, workplace protection, rebuilding public services and a living wage – that the poison can be taken out of migration. If Labour doesn't do it, the Tories will find their own way to draw UKIP's sting".

But Labour will not do it! It has said it will not do it! Only the TUSC has these policies at the core of its programme!

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